123 Frutty is a clothing brand that offers modern and playful clothes, accessories, books, and homeware for kids and adults who love to have fun and explore their creativity.

123 Frutty was inspired by my daughter, as I became a mother.

It started with the creation of:

🍋 an app's prototype that you can see here: https://marvelapp.com/prototype/387gh9

🍏 a book, available onAmazon http://bit.ly/123FruttyBook

🍒 and a collection of products for kids on this website and on Etsy https://123frutty.etsy.com

Nathalie Chikhi creates playful designs using simple and bold shapes, with a hint of contemporary flair.

123 Frutty is a playful children brand that aims to initiate children to art, design and music, as well as inspire kids to become lifelong learners.

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Shop graphic tees, onesies, bags, mugs, notebooks, dresses, hats and accessories and many more products to be launched!

This avant-garde baby, children and kids brand under the creative direction of Nathalie Chikhi, who is a visual artist and designer. 123 Frutty launched in the summer of 2013 in Orlando, Florida and the brand continues to flourish in Texas. 

With Love. Mama 🍓