Counting 1-10 for Kids with Playful Book and Colorful Pictures

Counting 1-10 for Kids with Playful Book and Colorful Pictures

Teaching kids to count is an essential early learning skill. But who says it has to be boring? At 123 Frutty, we believe that learning should be fun, engaging, and colorful. That's why we're excited to introduce "Count Fruits," a playful book by Nathalie Chikhi that makes counting from 1 to 10 a delightful adventure!

The Joy of Counting

"Count Fruits" is more than just a counting book; it's a journey through a vibrant world of fruits. Each page is filled with colorful illustrations that bring the fruits to life, making learning to count a fun and interactive experience for kids.

On the first page, your child will be greeted by a big, juicy apple, perfect for counting "one." As they turn the pages, they'll encounter more delightful fruits, from bananas and cherries to strawberries and oranges.

Learning Through Play

At 123 Frutty, we believe that children learn best through play. That's why "Count Fruits" encourages kids to engage with the book through interactive activities and questions.

As your child counts each fruit, they can also practice their color recognition skills. For example, "Can you find the red cherries?" or "How many yellow bananas do you see?"

Encouraging Creativity

"Count Fruits" isn't just about numbers and colors; it's also about sparking your child's imagination. Each fruit comes with a little story, encouraging kids to think about where the fruit comes from and how it grows.

For example, "The juicy orange grows on a sunny tree in a faraway land. It takes a whole year for the orange to ripen, but when it does, it's full of delicious juice!"

Sustainability and Ethical Production

As a brand, we're committed to sustainability and ethical production practices. That's why "Count Fruits" is printed on eco-friendly paper using non-toxic inks. It's the perfect choice for parents who want to teach their children about the importance of caring for the planet.

Where to Find "Count Fruits"

You can purchase "Count Fruits" on Amazon or visit our website,, to learn more about our collection of playful books and accessories for kids.

Make learning to count a fun and colorful adventure with "Count Fruits" and 123 Frutty!

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