123 FRUTTY is a Kids Fashion and Accessories brand for kids, inspired my daughter.

It started with the creation of:

🍋 an app's prototype that you can see here: https://marvelapp.com/prototype/387gh9

🍏 a book, available onAmazon http://bit.ly/123FruttyBook

🍒 and a collection of products for kids on this website and on Etsy https://123frutty.etsy.com

Nathalie Chikhi creates playful designs using simple and bold shapes, with a hint of contemporary flair.

123 FRUTTY is a playful Kids brand that aims to initiate children to art, design and music as well as inspire them to become lifelong learners.

Nathalie Chikhi is a visual artist & designer, who launched 123 Frutty in the summer of 2013. Originally from France, she now lives & works in Texas.

Inspired & Dedicated To My Favorite Squeeze and all the kids out there.

With Love. Mama 🍓